Dremzz™ Galaxy Projector

"I bought it to surprise my girlfriend. She was so touched with such a romantic gift" - Karry Will

Introducing our Dremzz™ Galaxy Projector to bring more colors into the dull life to make you amazed at the beauty of the night sky and temporarily empty your mind.



Bring A Light of Art To Your Home

If you want to add some spark to your home, a Dremzz™ Galaxy Bluetooth Projector is an out-of-this-world option.

Dremzz™ Galaxy Projector is designed to distract your busy active mind before sleep to relieve your tension and calm you down. Let it transform your home into a different magical world filled with aurora, galaxy, stars, and the universal night sky. 

With the ability to cast light and stars around a room, these galaxy projectors create a soothing ambiance of gently swirling galaxies. It shines a universe of moving laser stars against a drifting blue nebula cloud. It's your own personal galaxy! Tilting design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. 





Indulging Yourself Into The Sea of Romance And Love

Making your loved one incredibly happy will definitely make you happier. His or her smile on the face is simply the biggest return for us to feel how the relationship brings meaning to our lives.

If romance can be created, surprise, love, happiness, and of course love can be generated too. Indeed, Dremzz™ Galaxy Projector can make everything possible.

Whether you want to use this projector to set a romantic mood or help lull you to sleep, these devices are an easy way to add some serene energy to your space. It allows you to play soft, relaxing sounds to accompany the lighted visuals. It also equipped with settings to let you control brightness, motion, and color to set your own perfect mood.

It is perfect to be used for special love occasions such as wedding proposals, engagements, birthday parties, anniversaries, date nights, or some secret dates between couples. 


"I love to put it in the bedroom and have a relaxing time just watching the color changes and listening to music with my boyfriend." Kim R. 

Beyond Children's Imagination

It brings peace to calm down your kids or the crying baby to sleep faster at night. It creates a wonderful and starry atmosphere to help children stimulate their curiosity, imagination, creativity. 

Additionally, one buyer commented that light projectors are great for children who have autism, writing that her autistic niece “loves the calming colors and mood of this light. Similarly, one five-star reviewer said it’s a single solution in helping her autistic daughter sleep throughout the night.                                                                



Ideal Gift For Family Or Friends

This projector night light is suitable for birthday, party, wedding, room decor, children's day, Christmas, anniversary gifts. Besides, it is perfect for indoor decoration as an ocean wave projector, romantic mood light, night lamp, and bedside lamp.

The starry night light can project a realistic starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling, creating a good sleeping environment for babies, showing an unforgettable night for your family or friends.


Why Our Projector Is Different:

With all things considered, there is nothing like a relaxing night under the stars — and you can bring that exact feeling into your home every single night with a galaxy projector. Check out this top-rated option here. They will have you swimming amongst the stars in your own home.

✅21 COLORS  DYNAMIC PROJECTION - 5 standard colors combine to 21 colors which can form a romantic and relaxing night sky projection with gorgeous starry skylight. 

✅CONVENIENT - The remote control allows you to adjust the lighting mode, music, timer at the tip of your fingers. 

✅BLUETOOTH SPEAKER- With a Bluetooth connection, you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying the soothing atmosphere. 

✅AUTOMATED CONTROL TIMER - It is more energy-efficient with the timer option. It comes with a built-in 1H, 2H, auto-off timer, which will automatically shut off after the preset time. And of course, the timer can be canceled to stay on all night long.

✅STARS PROJECTION - project a realistic starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling, creating a good sleeping environment for babies, showing an unforgettable night for your family or friends.





It is not about the time we spend together but about the memory we make because spending the precious moment together with our loved one is the favorite place to be. The additional ingredient of extra romance, surprise, love can definitely make the moment more memorable and unforgettable.  Let's get one galaxy projector to paint a more beautiful picture into the sweet and loving memory that will last forever. 


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