Swast™ USB Portable Air Humidifier


Say Goodbye To The Bulky Humidifier Now!

It is comfortable to have a humidifier at our home or office. However, most of the humidifier comes with a big water tank and require a power source. Dry air or dirty air with pollutants is inevitable when we go outdoor or driving in our car. it is inconvenient to bring a home humidifier wherever we go. For people with dry skin and sensitive nose problems, they wish to hug a humidifier with them so that they can breathe in good quality air. 

Introducing Swast™ USB Portable Air Humidifier to take with you easily anywhere you go.  It is designed to adapt to a different container diversity such as a mug, a glass bottle or a mineral water bottle. Because it has no water tank, it breaks the inherent container limitations of the traditional humidifiers.  

"Very convenient to use and portable, the most part I like its when you use this humidifier, you do NOT have to carry a special bottle. I like that I can use it anywhere I want to." - Mary Green


No More Dry Skin And Nose Allergy!

Are you waking up with a dry throat and nose every morning? Don't ignore the dry air! It can cause irritation, inflammation, pain in your nose and throat especially in an air-conditioned room or during winter. It will then disturb your breathing and sleep quality. 

Change Your Desert Into A Rainforest To Eradiate Dry Air In The Car!

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go. Swast™ USB Portable Air Humidifier not only moisturizes your surroundings to reduce your nose allergy, but it can also effectively moisturize dry skin, help you to reduce skin drying and peeling.
Besides, it is the best choice for you if your eyes feel dry and tired. 

Why People Like Our Humidifier:

✅Effective moisturizing effects - With just one button switch, it will provide the humidifying a fining spray to optimize the air humidity around you. 

✅Versatile and flexible - Its unique design with an adjustable length stick to adapt to different containers so that you can use it as easy as dropping a straw into your drink.

✅Convenient – With its USB charging and small size, it will be a good partner for your car/office/travel. Simply plug in a USB for added on-the-go convenience!  

✅Super quiet mini humidifier -It achieves silent healthy humidification without disturbing your work and rests so that you can have a better sleep quality while keeping your skin and nose moist. 



What would it be like to have a magical wand to moisturize the place no matter wherever you are to create an environment your nose and skin would love? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have such a companion with you without your awareness when you sleep, drive and work? Everyone deserves to live and breathe well, get a Swast™ USB Portable Air Humidifier to moisturize the air and your skin today. So, invest in a good humidifier, invest with us. 


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