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Welcome to Therelax! We aim to offer our customers the best and latest home products.
We’ve come a long way, so we knowexactly which direction to take when supplying you with high quality yet budget friendly products. We offer all of thiswhile providing excellent customer service and friendly support.We always keep an eye on the latest trends in products for your home and put our customers’ wishes first. That iswhy we have satisfied customers all over the world, and are thrilled to be a part of the home niche industry.
The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as weenjoy making them available to you.


Our Mission: 

Founded on 2019, THERELAX™ started as a project by a group of friends.

Due the new norm of "working from home" culture, the time we spend at our homes is getting longer. Hence, our mission is to provide a one-station solutions to upgrade our homes for to make life easier for better quality of life with creative products affordable and easy-to-use to all homeowners. 

Having witnessed that the poor stress management in our fast-pacing hectic society is the root cause to affect our healths physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by triggering some healths issues such as high blood pressure, depression and cancer, we would like to come into the picture to adjust the imbalance back to normal. 

We believe everyone should deserve a happy life and we enjoy to see the smiles on the face of our community. So, we are inspired to target the main 5 senses of human to see, hear, smell, touch and eat in a better way to ignite our senses by promoting cognitive therapy and stimulating creativity. 

By aiming to provide a more conducive home environment, we aim to make every corners of our homes comfortable anytime. This is closely related to our main key categories at home decoration, relaxation, entertainment, fitness, improvement, home office, home kitchen and home garden especially when we are almost spending the whole day at home now. 

We are a unique e-commerce website with our own production facilities plus a large network of many trusted - high quality partners all over the world  in order to provide a one-station place for your stress relief solution.

To serve you better, we are putting in great efforts by showing you the latest trendy, creative and popular products in the market. We got you covered with highly professional suppliers and production houses that we keep in close contact with so that they fulfil our intense order volumes.

No matter where you are, who you are and what you are passionate about we want to be able to provide you with premium products to help you to relax, relieve the stress and regain peace.

From the stress management at the day time all the way to the relaxation therapy at the night time before sleep, we aim to prolong your relaxation moments to allow you to enjoy every single moment in life. This not only can create a better quality of life and also help you to sleep better at night to recharge maximally for a new fresh start the next day.

We uphold our strong belief that with quality and sufficient relaxation and rest, you will be able to manage the stress better and tackling the challenges in life more effectively.

So whatever you're looking for, we plan to have it there for you. And if it's not, then hit us up and let us know, so we can negotiate or produce the best deal for you in no time. We are and would like to be here for YOU for a lifetime.

We only source the most top notch products. We always support you all the way until your order has arrived at your doorstep...and even way beyond that.

We have improved thousands of people lives and aims to provide a holistic go-to place for affordable and quality stress management. 

So, be kind to yourselves and enjoy every single moment because we only live once.

Watch out for special discounts and free products...but hurry due to the custom nature, our stock is always very limited and the discounts are always temporary. 

Whatever you need, it's right here at THERELAX.

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Custom Love.

To your total satisfaction,

The Entire "THERELAX Team"