Dimix™ 3D Moon Lamp Humidifier

Relaxing with the full sensation of visual and aromatherapy. 

Pamper your eyes and nose with this incredible moon lamp humidifer in the air every moment before sleeping. 

Features :

  • LED colorful night light
  • Humidification
  • Aromatherapy machine




Voltage (V): DC5V Timing Function: Yes
Application: 21-30nf Humidifying
Capacity: 30ml/h Capacity: 880ML
Power (W): 2W Capacity: 880ML
Noise: <36db Water-shortage
Power-off Protection: Yes
Power Type: USB Lunar Light Size: 140*140*160(mm)

Products include: Humidifier*1 USB cable*1 Instructions*1 Cotton swab *2

Start owning your personalized moon to accompany you every night now!