Curveen™ Buckwheat Lumbar Pillow

Are you having sleeping problem and lower back pain? Feel the difference in 7 days

Curveen™ Buckwheat Lumbar Pillow the word first buckwheat pillow. It supports and stretches the lower back. You will definitely improve your sleeping quality, fall asleep easier and say byebye to lower pain after 7 days. 

It is suitable for all kinds of lower back pain especially for:

1. back or side sleepers who suffer from lower back pain,

2. office workers with lumbar soreness

3. pregnant women with sleeping acid

4. older people with lumbar aging


It is proven by professionals for:

1. Lumbar disk herniation

2. Lumbar muscle strain

3. Lumbar osteoporosis

4. Waist pain

5. Humpback correction

Perfectly Fill Your Waist Gap - to relieve low back pain and making you fall asleep easier. The slope extension is close to the lumbar spine, is sufficient fit to be useful. 


Ergonomic Design -Its semi-circular design pursues 26° physiological curve and fits closely to fill the waist gap. 

Middle hard but soft at both sides - suitable on recliner or sofa


3D extended support design, solving the problem of waist hanging in the air. 

3D extended semi-circular pattern, fitting the lumbar vertebrae closely.

Multi-functional lumbar pad - which can fit the lumbar vertebrae well whether you are lying or sleeping on one's side.


Flexible -with removable heightening pad, the portable velcro and nylon sticker make it free to disassemble. You can adjust the height freely, suitable for patients with mild lumbar discomfort by increasing 3.5cm. 

Premium material combinations - 

1. Comfortable soft pearl cotton made by the mesh fabric material which is breathable, not easy to wrinkle, hand-treated, anti-mite and able to provide multi-site massage. 

2. Polyester fiber and selected buckwheat husk, relaxing the lumbar spine.