Sparus™ iFace Mesotherapy LED Massager

Discovering the simple secret that can relieve your stress inside out while giving your skin radiant glow within a matter of minutes.  

Sparus™ iFace Mesotherapy LED Massager is a 5 in 1  Skin Tightening Mesotherapy Facial massager. It emits LED and photon and radio frequency to help in skin rejuvenation, tightening and anti aging.

Restore your skin -  It helps the skin to tighten, maintain elasticity, prevent allergies and other problems. It can relieve muscle soreness, reduce skin fatigue, soothe skin tightness, reduce redness, swelling and pain of skin, and resist repeated growth of acne;

Radio Frequency - Stimulate the production of collagen, can help the skin quickly introduce a variety of skin care products, so that the skin doubles the absorption of nutrients.

LED Light - 

Red light - promotes collagen regeneration and restores skin elasticity,face lifting,skin rejuvenation

Green light - decompose melanin and brightens skin

Blue light - antiphlogistic and sterilization, improve skin roughness and repair damage,acne remover

Yellow light - brighten skin tone and improve dullness Pink - brightening skin

Pink light - enhances the penetration of cosmetic liquids

Package included:

1*Host(with box) 1*Base holder 1*Use manual 1*USB cable