Aviche™ 4Him Air Purifier Necklace

An invisible shield for an invisible enemy. 

Today, clean air has become more of a luxury. Bacteria, virus and pollutants have threaten this basic human necessities for survival.

There's no need to panic. We just need to adapt to the situation and equip ourselves with the right measures during this period.

Purifier Necklace functions as an invisible shield that forms a 1-meter square protective zone around you.

The science behind this protection is in the 20 millions NEGATIVE IONS that this device emits.

Now you can have a nifty device around you that constantly emits 5 million NEGATIVE IONS to keep you safe! 

Negative ionization can help. There are evidences which found that negative ions are beneficial to: 

  • help regulate sleep patterns and mood
  • reduce stress
  • boost immune system function
  • increase metabolism of carbs and fats
  • kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold species, 

Wear this to create a cleaner zone of healthier air while traveling or in public places.  This device is especially beneficial for children and the elderly. It's the perfect accessory to protect you and your loved ones! 



✅ Powerful Purification - reduce personal exposure and health risks from ambient air pollutants. It comes with anti-aging benefit too. 

✅ Wearable - it can accompany you anywhere you go, smart choice of protecting your health and prepare for the "New Normal".

✅ Smart Design - it is safe, easy, silent and come with the fashionable design. Its stylish design was modeled from the shape of a car. With its long lasting battery life, it can last up to 35-40 hours per charge. 

✅ No filter required - it beats the traditional air purifiers. You can say goodbye to the troubles of purchasing and replacing new filters.