Clenix™ Glass Vacuum Robot


Clenix™ Glass Vacuum Robot is all your need to clean your window automatically especially the untouchable window. 



  • Infrared Remote Control- One-Touch Control with 2 modes ( Manual & Automatic Operation )
  • Strong vacuum- 5600Pa Strong Vacuum Suction, Deep Cleaning
  • Heavy load capacity- can bear 4.9KG Vertical Load
  • Planned Cleaning Route- There are 3 paths: Gyroscope, Automatic and Single Side Cleaning
  • Multiple Safety Protections- Double Discs & Double Suction, UPS Power Failure Protection, MEMS Edge Detection
  • 20min Power Failure Prevention- UPS Power Failure Protection System Will Not Fall Within 20 Minutes When Robot Battery Runs Out
  • Anti-fall Prevention- Safety Rope Safety Guarantee, Automatically Change Cleaning Path When Encountering Frameless 
  • Anti-collision- MEMS Intelligent Edge Detection System ( Automatically Detects Window Frames )
  • Automatic Return To Start Position
  • Can Be Used In Multiple Surfaces and Scenes

Are You Still Bothered By Window Cleaning ?

Traditional cleaning methods is low efficient and time-consuming, it's time to adopt a new method to make life easier.

5600Pa Strong Vacuum Suction, 4.9KG Vertical Load

Double Disc Technology, Vacuum Motor, Microfiber Cloth

Wipe Glass Stains Easily

Can Be Used In Multiple Surfaces and Scenes

Wide Range Usage, Not Limited To Glass Surface, Can Also Be Used For Windows, Floors, Tables... In-Office, Shop, Home, etc.

UPS Power Failure Protection

When the power is off or when the robot battery runs out, the UPS power failure protection system will prevent the robot from falling immediately, it can still work for 20 minutes to prevent the robot from dropping.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Both Sides Can Be Used


1. Connect the power cord to the power supply, link the safety rope 2. Put the robot on the glass and turn on the switch 3. Use the remote control to select automatic control or manual up, down, left and right 4. Waiting for the machine to finish working 5. With glass water will have a double effect

Using Tips:

-1. Waiting 20 seconds after starting up until the BLUE light stop flashing, then start working, because the robot needs 20 Seconds to detect the glass plane. -2. Binding the safety rope when using, prevent falling from high altitude. -3. Spray some water on the edge of the mop when working that effect will be better. -4. When you receive the item, please contact us if you have any questions, we will do our best to help you. When you don't know how to use it, we will send you a tutorial video and help you more.

Packaging Included:

Window Cleaner Robot × 1 Remote Control × 1 Controller Battery × 1 Safety Rope × 1 Spray Bottle × 1 Power Adapter × 1 3m Extension Cord × 1 Power Plug × 1 Mop × 4 pcs Manual × 1