Clenix™ Ultimate Hair Removal Brush


Clenix™ Ultimate Hair Removal Brush is all you need to clean the hair or dusk at your clothes. It is a new innovation that is more effective compared to the traditional lint roller. 


  • 2 sizes available- Comes mini size and the normal size. 

  • Extra-large and double-sided- This brush works with double efficiency compared to the traditional lint roller which is single-sided. It makes your cleaning process 2 times faster to save more time. It is a must-have tool for your clothes or furniture to eradicate the fur, hair or dust, especially from your pets. 

  • Easy to use with 3 steps- swipe to clean, dip into the base, and remove fur from the brush. Simply swipe it gently to any dirty surface and the fur will vanish. 

  • Self-cleaning base- With its self-cleaning feature, you do not need to touch the mess which can be collected at the tray of the base before being disposed to the trash. 

  • Reusable- It is environmentally friendly and no refills or sticky papers required.

  • Works magically- For those pet lovers who are also suffering from nose allergy, this magical brush will be your life saviour to help you to keep your environment clean with lesser suffering from the allergy rhinitis or sneezing.