Covish™ Anti-mosquito Magnetic Door Net


Covish™ Anti Mosquito Door Net is all you need to prevent any annoying bugs from entering your home and harm your family and children this summer. 






  • Elegant looks- Beautiful design and will not affect the look of your home. 
  • Premium craftsmanship- Industrial double-thread sewing, beautiful and firmer, reliable quality,
  • Strong magnetism for perfect closure-  This ingenious humanized design with built-in strong magnetic automatic adsorption and closing  design makes it easier to enter and exit. 
  • Minimal noise- The door curtain is designed with multiple sets of strong magnets, which automatically close and reduce noise.
  • Strong and adherence- The strong adhesive velcro is easy to fix and can be reused. The velcro sticking and disassembly will not damage the door frame. It is strong, beautiful and will not fall.


  • Durable- The gauze is made of polyester fiber material, the mesh is small, strong and durable, and helps ventilation, has long corrosion resistance and long life, environmental protection and health
  • Washable- If necessary, it can be directly removed for cleaning and reused. The service life is as long as several years.



If you hate the annoying mosquito sound around your ears and would like to ensure your children from any of their attacks, then our Covish™ Anti-mosquito Magnetic Door Net will do its job perfectly for you. Try to get 1 set to upgrade your home and get rid of the mosquito now.