Dimix™ 3D 3 Colors Book Lamp


Dimix™ 3D 3 Colors Book Lamp is a lamp with a book shape for you to carry along together with the other books. Just open this book to provide you the reading light anywhere you go and keep it like the other books when you are not using it. 

The book light is a rechargeable lamp made to look like a book with a laser-cut wooden cover. when it’s closed, the book light can be neatly tucked away on your bookshelf. powered by two led strips, when it’s opened up the book casts a wonderful ambient light, perfect for reading and a wonderful surprise. the book light is rechargeable with a standard mini USB charger. with its delicate wooden finish, it’s sure to brighten your room (and your day!)


  • ELEGANT DESIGN- Its 3D design looks so beautiful either with 180° or 360°.

  • SMART DESIGN-It is foldable and cordless, you can turn on or off the light by folding the book without worrying about the cable. 


  • DAY & NIGHT PRACTICAL- The lamp is bright enough to see in the daylight and just bright enough at night to add ambiance and beauty to any room without overpowering it.



  • SOLID COVER- Made from environmental white maple wooden material which is water-resistant, applied with lasing cutting technology to ensure that bending doesn't cause damage to the lamp. 



  • SUPERIOR PAPER MATERIAL- The paper of this compact book light is not the normal paper like the book, it is tear-resistance and water-resistant, so you don't need to worry it will destroy easily!
  • USB RECHARGEABLE- USB rechargeable instead of batteries. Just use a USB cable to connect to the computer or the charger. With 1 full charge, you can carry it with you anywhere. It will not hurt you when you touch the book, it is not hot for the light.



After receiving the parcel, the product can't be kept open as shown in the picture at first (turn over 180° and put it on the table). Please don't worry, the product is fine, and the new product has strong shrinkage. Please turn it over 360° and keep it open for a while, then it can be kept open as shown in the picture.



    • 1 x Folding LED Flop Book Light
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Manual 

    " Madly beautiful lamp. Interesting design. The quality is excellent as the"cover" books made of wood. I took the largest size and it coincides with the usual book. ."- Christine W.


    Start decorating your own space with such a cool book now!