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Dimix™ Sunset Rainbow Lamp

Embracing the Sunset Anytime At Home

The sun is a symbol of life, hope, and energy. Without sunlight, there will be no color being visible, the world will be covered by eternal darkness and coldness.  

Dimix™ Sunset Lamp is a creative lamp inspired by the gorgeous sunset at Califonia. It transforms your home into panoramic and picturesque scenery that you will love to lounge in just with a simple switch. If you are dreaming of having a romantic modern home, this floor lamp is a must-have. The dynamic design creates a unique aesthetic that adds a fantastic feeling to any corner of your home. 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety!

This lamp represents the sun, it is able to help to revitalize and recharge with full positive energy along with your active lifestyle after a tiring day. We can feel that life will be getting better after gazing at the beautiful sunset or amazed by how big the world is compared to our problems. Why not recreate this feeling at our home to empower us anytime we want to? 

It definitely can refresh our minds with fewer worries and more hope of the coming future just by this sunset inspiration because a sunset simply means a new day will come after this as sunset is a new beginning and not an end. Just enjoy the deepest relaxation with this glowing brilliance warm light to bath you before every night's rest. 


Instragramable Photo Effect

The wide-angle projection of this pocketful sunshine can easily and instantly transform your ordinary room into dreamland with its mesmerizing light effects. This magical effect can change the vibe instantly to create a chilling atmosphere either required by yourself alone for a good "me time" or together with your partners. 

It is a perfect background tool for any photo shooting or virtual meeting without requiring any virtual background or recording Tiktok clips. 



  • Artistic light contrast- As a unique ceiling glow you are looking for, the projection light is unique in a color that can expand the sense of space and softly illuminate the environment beyond your expectation. 

  • Adjustable & rotatable with wide-angle- It is easily adjustable to cover a whole room This LED floor lamp creates a world of colors to bring a new landscape to your home. The farther the distance, the greater the aura can project on the wall or ceiling. It is so easy to have full control to create your own sunset.


  • Multipurpose- Perfect to create a visual view for meditation or yoga sessions. Its unique colors are suitable as romantic background for fine dining and coffee/wine bar at home. It can be used as a background for your working station or a modern night light for your kids' bedroom either to overcome the fear of darkness or playing a hand-shadow game. Your guests will be amazed by this beautifully lit-up lamp if you set it up in your living room. 

  • Convenient & durable- With the USB charging port, you can charge it with a power bank or laptop in order to use it anywhere you want. It is made of a high-quality aluminum body with a glare-free LED lamp to ensure it is long-lasting and energy-efficient. 


  • Material: Black anodized aluminum, brass, iron, and glass
  • Energy Source: Using energy-saving LED
  • Rotation: The lamp can rotate 90°
  • USB charging (cable is 1.5 meters long)
  • Size: 10" x 5" - 25cm x 12cm
  • Voltage: 5V

Package list:

1* Led Night Light


"I use it to set a romantic environment for our dining table, love it"- Candy C. 

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