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Dremiz™ Memory Foam Leg Orthopedic Pillow


Premium Orthopedic Leg Pillow - PowerBeauty

If you suffer from back painknee painvaricose veinsphlebitis or restless legs, this cushion could help you achieve a more comfortable night’s rest.

Keeping your legs elevated at night can help to take pressure off your lower back, legs and knees. This Memory foam leg orthopedic pillow will help elevate your legs at the proper angle so you won’t have to resort to using unstable pillows for leg elevation. Finding the right position is easy with this wedge. 

The rising angle of the wedge should support your thighs while the angle at the top should rest under your knees. Your legs can then rest comfortably in an elevated position on top of the wedge. This versatile bed wedge can be used both underneath and above your covers. The removable cover features a zipper and is machine washable for easy laundering.


  • Contour Elevated Pillow For Legs provides excellent support and can significantly improve spine alignment, helping to relieve back, hips, legs, knees, arthritis and sciatica, as well as improvement of blood circulation in both legs.
  • Advanced High Density Memory Foam: Made of 100% high-quality durable memory foam, it will not become flat over time.
  • Elastic band design. The role of these Memory foam leg orthopedic pillow is to make sure that the pillow stays in place during the night, no matter how restless the sleep.
  • Pain relief: Orthopedic knee support pillow relieves pressure so you feel much more rested.
  • Recommended by doctors:The Memory foam leg orthopedic pillow for side sleepers, lower back pain, knee pain, hip support, and during pregnancy. 
  • innovation: Memory foam leg orthopedic pillow secures your knee pillow between legs for sleeping and helps align your legs, hips, and spine


      • Product Name: Memory foam leg orthopedic pillow
      • Material: Memory foam, 100% slow rebound
      • Weight: about 320g 
      • Uses: Relieves knee, hip and waist pressure and improves sleep quality

Package includes: 

      • 1x Memory foam leg orthopedic pillow