Dremiz™ Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Sitting for Long Hours the Whole Day? 

Are you struggling with back and hip pain after spending long hours working from home? It's ok, we have a solution for you. 


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Dremiz™ Memory Foam Seat Cushion can definitely make your sitting position more comfortable. It adds extra cushioning for the long hours that you spend driving on your vehicle or working at your office. This cushion comes with exclusive features and technology that dampens all the bumps that would make you cringe in pain during driving as well as when you work long hours in front of your computer. 

It’s comfortable and convenient to use, and unlike other big cushions, the orthopedic seat cushion promotes healthy posture, blood circulation and aligns the spine so you can have a better time concentrating on your task.




  • RELIEVES & PREVENTS BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA: Ergonomically engineered to provide comfort and support while removing the pressure on your tailbone with the U-shaped cut-out and helps you achieve that correct posture. It helps you recover from lower back problems due to sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy back pain, hip pain, hemorrhoids and other spinal issues











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  • GREAT FOR OFFICE CHAIR, DRIVING AND TRAVELING: Provides comfort on all hard surfaces; office chair, desk chair, car seat, airplane, and wheelchairs. Great for office use, truck drivers, frequent travelers, sports events and pregnancy

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    There are 3 Styles:

    1. Standard style- memory foam core style.

    2. Upgraded style bamboo charcoal- It has a loose and porous structure, and its molecules are fine and porous, and the texture is hard. Has a strong adsorption capacity, can purify the air and eliminate odor. Contact with the human body can absorb moisture and perspiration. After scientific refining and processing, it has been widely used in daily life.
    3. Premium style magnetic cloth lined with bamboo charcoal memory foam core type- Premium Magnetic properties are the properties of matter, and the human body also has a certain magnetic property. It has been confirmed by scientific experiments that the use of magnetic substances and biomagnetic effects inside the human body can adjust various unbalanced or abnormal functional states in the human body to improve human health. Play a protective effect.



    Smell- During the production to the delivery process, the product is in a sealed state and the smell cannot be dispersed in time. Pillow products are separated from pillowcases and can be ventilated in a cool place for 2-3 days. For anyone who has more sensitive skin, it is recommended to extend the ventilated period. 

    Chromatism- All products in this shop are taken in kind, due to the difference in sunlight, angle, and Monitor. There may be a certain color difference between the picture and the product, and the actual color shall prevail.

    Bubbles- The product is a molding process. If a small hole or air bubble in the inner core is a normal phenomenon, it is not a product quality problem and it can be used with confidence.

    Wash- The inner core can not be washed and can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Pillowcases can be washed.


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    "It is so comfortable while sitting on it, I feel less tired with the better sitting position while working"- Jeswina L. 

    Start getting one for your home office to sit better now!