Spavio™ iDream Electronic Claw Massager

Discovering the new ways of relaxation therapy for instant freedom from muscle ache, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Introducing Spavio™ iDream Electronic Claw Massager. You can now have a professional level head massage at home without anyone invading your personal space. 
Instant relief - 
Remove muscle tension and tiredness and improve the blood circulation by massaging head. It can be used on other body parts too!

It also relieve spasms, body aches and strains.

Special design - It has five-pronged claw, is a unique five-in-one device suitable for home, travel and office use.

Double Motion -It features the motion of tapping and shaking, and releases 500 micro vibrations per minute.

360 Degrees Rotating Steel Ball Tips - Each steel ball is equally spaced to provide scalp relief through temporarily increasing blood circulation.

Easy to operate - just press its power button to turn on vibration, apply its thicker end to any part of your body for instant comfort and relief.


    Material: ABS
    Color: Brown / Yellow
    Power Souce: AAA Battery(not inclued),USB line to supply


      Package Included:

      1 x Five-Pronged Electronic Head Claw
      1 x USB Cable