Calove™ I Love You 100 Languages Pendants

Express your love in 100 languages

A special love message pendant, using nano-micro engraving technology to engrave "I Love You" in 100 different languages into the pendant eye. Message can be seen under light beam projection from the back of the eye, and through your camera lens from the front of the eye pendant. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We guarantees your jewellery will not tarnish & rust over time and is also corrosion-resistant.
  • It does not bend or break easily and is also hypoallergenic/ safe for sensitive skin as well.
  • BEST Jewellery Gift for people who are having a hard time to get the right jewellery that will not cause allergic to their precious skin.
  1. Launch the Camera App On Your Phone.
  2. Place the 100 Languages Love Pendant's Flat Side in Front of the Phone's Camera Lenses.
  3. Adjust and Rotate Slightly to Get the Best Viewing Angle.