Joysz™ Round Jigsaw Puzzle


The jigsaw puzzle began in the UK in the eighteenth century and became popular in Europe. Today, two hundred years later, the puzzle has become a game product for all ages.

The study found that the puzzle can effectively inspire people's thinking, train thinking, judgment and develop patience. It has the function of beautifying the home and enhancing the taste of life. Because it can relax the participants, the puzzle is also regarded as a casual game and is loved by many adults too until today. 


Safety material- The product is made of durable environmentally friendly paper material, safe and environmentally friendly, and children can use it with confidence.

Intellectual function- This toy can cultivate children's vision, hands-on ability, cognitive ability, patience, teamwork and parent-child communication.

Easy to play- There are English numbers on the back of the puzzle, which makes it easy to complete the puzzle.

Used to kill time-  Comforting and warm landscapes, perfect toys for adults or kids.
Relax the mind- Good toy for reducing stress and educational exercise for kids.



  • When building, pay attention to avoid losing small pieces.
  • When building a puzzle, you can sort each piece of puzzle piece by the reverse letter sequence. 
  • First, make the four sides of the picture, then press the front part of the puzzle to piece together the small pieces of the same letter sequence, and then combine the parts together to make it a complete puzzle.
  • Warning: Contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old. There is a danger of suffocation! 



Color: colorful

Product size: 26.5*26.5cmmm

Material: paper


Package Included:

1000 * rainbow puzzle