Joysz™ Water Inflatable Balloon


These Water Inflatable Balloons are made of transparent soft TPR, environmentally friendly, tear-resistant, very durable. These inflatable bubble balls are super soft and super strong, tear-resistant and lightweight. The Water Inflatable Ballooncan be inflated to 120cm and can add water. You can release the gas in the balloon, which can be reused for many times. If you want to lie on the top, please do not charge too much gas.


This is not a normal balloon! Joysz™ Water Inflatable Balloon is all you need to spend your weekend with your kids at your home garden. Either filled up with the air or water up to giant size and will never get explored easily. 


  • Long-lasting- Made of transparent soft TPR, environmentally friendly, tear-resistant, very durable. 

  • Super elastic- It looks like a bubble, it moves like a bubble, but you play with it like a football or volleyball! You can kick, hit, throw, jump and even sit on it and will not explore easily.

  • Flexible-can be filled by both air or water for different types of funs.

  • Fun & entertaining- The bubble ball can be used as an outdoor toy, depending on parties, birthday gifts, stools, sports and entertainment needs.

  • Easy to set up- The bubble ball is easy to inflate and deflate. With the air outlet, the inflatable bed folds up compactly.


  • When pumping or filling water, you need to prepare your own pump. (Pump is not included)
  • You can use an ordinary gas pump to inflate directly into the gas injection port, you can also use a professional electric pump to inflate.
  • After pulling out the inflatable tool, press on the mouth a few times so that the seal automatically connects.
  • Do not use too sharp objects near the ball to avoid an explosion.
  • This toy is NOT suitable for children under 5 years
  • The cover is glued together, do not pull the cover and the glue.



  • Name: Water Inflatable Balloon
  • Color: blue / green / pink / yellow
  • Material: TPR soft rubber
  • Net Weight: About 410g (120cm), 100g (70cm)

If you are bored with your boring weekend routine, then why not venture into a new adventure to enjoy the family bonding with your kids with our Joysz™ Water Inflatable Balloon?

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Balloon Toy
  • 1 x Blowing Tube