Kreven™ Double Wall Glass

This Glass Makes Any of Your Drink Looks Cool

Kreven™ Double Wall Glass is made of tasteless-borosilicate glass that is light and robust at the same time. Under the glass floor is a hydrophobic silicone membrane, which serves to equalize the pressure between the glass walls. It leaves the glass 'breath': with cold drinks, no condensation forms on the glass surface and the glass does not leave any unsightly water rims. These glasses are also ideal for serving ice-cream and other desserts.


1. Important: Hand wash recommended, Please avoid contacting sharp objects when cleaning.
2. Freezer compartment suitable
3. Microwave suitable (max 2 min / 600 Watt)

4. There may be slight differences between the individual items because Each hand-blown and hand-crafted.



"I feel so special holding it to drink my favorite beverage"- Thomas K. 

Start having 1 set of this cool glass for your dining table now!