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Kreven™ Garlic Press

Crushing Garlic Is So Easy and Enjoyable Now!


  • Comfortable handle- This makes squeezing garlic much easier and faster, even for those with weaker grip or small hands.
  • Easy to use- The curved design is easy to roll back and forth. Simply place several pieces of garlic cloves in a tube and roll back and forth, peel cloves in seconds, place on the top of the clove and shake it back and forth, you can easily crush it into minced garlic in seconds
  • Premium material- This Garlic Press Rustproof garlic press is made from premium 304 stainless steel. It is anti-slip, corrosion-resistant. It will not rust easily and will last long. 
  • Easy cleanup and store- because the garlic collects on the surface so no residue will be leftover compared to other garlic mincers. This makes it so easy to clean up.


Size: shown on the photo.

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"Highly recommended as this simple device can make the garlic crushing so easily and time saving"- Caroline B. 

Start getting one for your kitchen now!