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Kreven™ Movable Kitchen Faucet Mouth Extender

Dish Washing Is So Easy Now!



  • Save Water & Convenient Kitchen- It can rotate 360 degrees,there are two types of long and short, suitable for larger and deeper sinks. Vegetables, plates and other kitchen items can be cleaned more easily, very cheap and practical, suitable for kitchen use. The Faucet supercharged sprinkleris easy and fast to install.




  • 3 modes to adjust water pressure- 

Mode 1--Pulse mode In pulse mode, the water flow concentrates and is gentle when you only want to wash round or arched articles such as back of spoons, fruits, body of bottles. Do not need to worry about splash or wasting water.

Mode 2--Aggregative mode In aggregative mode, the water pressure is boosted higher and you can quickly get more water, the vegetables and fruits can be more throughly cleaned.

Mode 3--Sprinkler mode In sprinkler mode, the water pressure is increased to the highest. You can wash your dirty dishes quick and clean.


  • 360 degrees flexible head- With a small round roller inside the faucet joint, you can adjust the faucet to any angle, truly 360 degrees rotatable.
  • Easy to install- No tools required, suitable for kitchen faucet of 24mm internal thread or 22mm external thread.

Internal Screw Faucet Installation:

1. Screw out the tap cover.

2. Match the black part of the sprayer to the tap thread.

3. Tighten the sprayer clockwise.

Installation method: external wire faucet installation. Remove the original and install the water saver


External Screw Faucet Installation- 

1. Screw out the tap cover.

2. Remove the black part of the sprayer.

3. Tighten the sprayer clockwise.

Note: Square and shaped hole faucets are not applicable

  • Faucet booster shower- Three-speed switching Free rotation Even and delicate
  • Can rotate freely for multi-angle cleaning
  • The water is even and delicate
  • Stainless steel sprinkler panel
  • Three gear adjustment button-There are three gears that can adjusted, one key to switch. Using laser drilling technology, the water is delicate and soft.



Material:ABS+silicone+stainless steel. The main body is built with ABS plastic, which is durable for daily kitchen use. The kitchen replacement faucet nozzle is not easily broken.

Size: Faucet sprinkler about :8.5 x 5.3 x 2.4 cm Extension tube about: 13x2.5cm 1cm=0.393in

"My water bill has gone down 30% for the first month, such a cool device"- Cecilia B.

Start getting one for your kitchen now for more water saving!