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Kreven™ Silicone Clip Colander

The Smarter Way to Drain the Food

Are you still using a bulky strainer or colander? Clip-on Strainer can instantly turn any pot, pan, bowl or similar containers into a strainer by easy clipping!


It snaps on neatly with 2 clips. The strong grip keeps it safely attached while in use - Once snapped, the pot can be tilted over a sink or bowl without losing!  



  • Easy Clip-on Design- Simply clip it on your cookware and you are ready to strain your fruits, vegetables and pasta! 
  • Universal for Any Container- Fits nearly any sized round pots, pans, saucepans, big and small bowls (including lipped bowls).
  • Standard Mesh Design- Allows easy straining and pouring of water and juices from spaghetti pasta, ground beef grease, tuna fish, tomatoes and other foods.
  • Space-saving- Uses much less storage space than traditional strainers, colanders and sieves. Great when working with limited counter space.
  • Safe Material- Completely BPA-free, heat-resistant & dishwasher safe. Made of top-quality silicone with high durability to last for many years. Able to withstand the straining of heavy foods like potatoes without deforming.


  • Material: Food-grade silicone, stainless steel
  • Size: 23 x 5.8 x 8.5 cm
  • Color: Grey / Red / Green

Package includes:

1 x Silicone Clip-on Strainer

"Very useful especially when cooking instant noodles"- Steaphenie K.

Start getting one for your kitchen now!