Kreven™ Under Cabinet Lid Opener

No More Hard Time in Opening Any Lids

Kreven™ Reversed Lid Opener is placed under the cabinet, it is a small, portable and very user-friendly life helper.


  • Effortlessly open jars: effortlessly unscrew and open stubborn jars with ease.
  • Suitable for any size jar: our opener can help you easily loosen tamper-proof, vacuum-sealed lids and those with even smooth edges.
  • Sturdy & durable design: our jar opener is made from durable plastic with heavy-duty steel teeth that will easily grip any jar as you twist it.
  • Save space: this jar lid opener will always be right where you need it without cluttering your countertops, drawers.
  • Perfect for arthritis and weak hands: no need to strain yourself to open a jar of pickles, jam or jelly.

Specifications:Type: Under cabinet jar opener Color: white

Size: 7.1" X 0.75" Blade material: Carbon Steel Package Included: 1* Under cabinet jar opener


"It is very useful for me especially I have arthritis hand, very convenient !"- Vivienne L. 

Start getting one for your kitchen now!