Sparus™ iFace Mesotherapy LED Massager

" I Love this device you can really feel it working as you use it, this has to be my favorite beauty product I've ever bought." - Kathrine Walton


Treat Yourself To A Pampering Facial Treatment

Everyone wishes to have perfect skin to face people confidently. However, due to factors like sunlight, natural aging, genetic, ace, our skin can become discolored, flabby and wrinkled. 

There are so many skincare products on the market. From moisturizers, lotion to serum, you name it, are claimed to be effective over the skin, but how many people have spent thousands in the past for these products yet only receiving minimal or insignificant results? There wonder why. 

In fact, these products are not over-claimed, there are good. However, they only work at the surface level of the skin and typically cannot penetrate deep into the skin and affect the collagen at the deeper layers of the skin. 

Sparus™ iFace Mesotherapy LED Massager is a 5 in 1  Skin Tightening Mesotherapy Facial massager. It emits LED and photon and radio frequency to help in skin rejuvenation, tightening and anti-aging.

"Love this beauty bar, use it every other day on the red and white settings for 20mins at a time, my skin has definitely improved especially wrinkles around my eyes." - Christina Kred


5 Different LED Lights For 5 Different Benefits



Why Our Massager Will Improve Your Skin:

Restore your skin -  It helps the skin to tighten, maintain elasticity, prevent allergies and other problems. It can relieve muscle soreness, reduce skin fatigue, soothe skin tightness, reduce redness, swelling and pain of skin, and resist repeated growth of acne;

✅Radio Frequency - Stimulate the production of collagen, which can help the skin quickly introduce a variety of skincare products, so that the skin doubles the absorption of nutrients.

✅5 LED Lights -Each LED light targets different skin problems commonly faced to provide a holistic solution for different skin types. 



How To Use:

Different people will have different skin types, hence may have different skin problem as time goes by. Finding the right product to suit a specific skin type is normally very difficult. That's why we designed this device to help all types of skin to stay healthy because everyone deserved to look good when we alive. So, invest in a good beauty device, invest with us. 

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