Mordew™ Humming Bird Feeder


Too bored with your garden, why not invite some hummingbirds to pay a visit to transform it into a bird park full of birds chirping music?


A Revolutionary Feeding System

Attract more hummingbirds to your yard with
just one feeder thanks to the unique design of this Mordew™ Humming Bird Feeder. The Hummerbar provides a long, flute-like shape that hangs
horizontally, providing hummingbirds access to its 22 flower-shaped
feeding ports.

Feeds Several at Once

With its welcoming banquet for up to 24
hummingbirds at a time, the expertly designed Hummerbar minimizes resource guarding and diffuses the natural territorial instincts of hummingbirds. The feeding ports are positioned for optimal nectar access
and are equally and adequately spaced apart to allow for side-by-side
feeding. Let the bird watching begin.

Easy to Hang & Fill

Using the two, included, adjustable cords, the Hummerbar hangs easily from a convenient location like two shepherds hooks, trellis, or from the eaves of a house in front of a viewing window. Make sure the
Hummerbar is level, then fill it halfway with Bob's hummingbird nectar,
using the small funnel provided. When finished, simply insert the
rubber stopper back into the hole on the top of the feeder, and wait for
hungry hummingbirds to arrive.

The 2-foot Hummerbar works best when filled halfway, with up to 2
cups (24 ounces) of nectar. As the nectar level drops to the bottom,
hummingbirds can still reach it using their long bills and tongues, just like they reach deep into flowers to find nectar.

Clear Nectar Reservoir for Easy Monitoring of Nectar Levels

The reason for the clear reservoir is simple: it helps users to monitor nectar levels at a glance without actually having to open the feeder. However, this also has a benefit that was unintentional, which is that it provides a better view of the feeding action. The clear tubular design magnifies the action of the hummingbird's tongue while it feeds. Their tongues dart out between 20 and 80 times per second, and
this feeder allows you to enjoy the action like never before!

Provides a 360-degree View for Hummingbirds

One of the most notable benefits of Mordew™ Humming Bird Feeder is the horizontal orientation. This design provides hummingbirds with a
360-degree view of their environment while they feed. This aligns with their natural instinct to check for danger. With traditional vertical feeders, their view is impeded and hummingbirds need to check for danger more frequently. This horizontal style prevents them from having to stop feeding to make sure they are safe.

Easy to Fill and Clean

To allow for easy filling, this feeder comes complete with a mini funnel. You don’t even need to take down the feeder to refill it! Once
the feeder is hung and leveled, simply remove the rubber stopper and
insert the funnel to fill. In addition, the smooth plastic is easy to
clean so that your hummers always have access to a fresh and healthy
nectar supply.

Thoughtfully Designed

The Hummerbar features parts made of shatterproof plastic and durable rubber. The clear reservoir makes it easy to monitor nectar levels at a
glance, while the bright red color of the flower port covers, end caps,
and hanging cords helps hummingbirds quickly identify the feeder as a
food source. Your backyard may quickly become their new favorite hangout


Use Different Feeders

are many types of hummingbird feeders to choose from, and birds that
dislike one specific shape or size of feeder may be attracted to
another. Use a variety of feeders spread throughout your yard to attract
the most hummingbirds.

both glass and plastic feeders, as well as designs with just one
feeding port or multiple access points. Feeders with and
without perches may also appeal to different hummingbirds. Different
feeder sizes can also accommodate different feeding preferences.

Position Feeders Properly

To keep hummingbirds safe from window
collisions or from getting their delicate bills stuck in window screens,
feeders should be positioned either very close to the window (great for
visibility) or at least five feet away.

feeders in an area free from breezes and out of direct sunlight
minimizes spilled nectar and slows fermentation to keep nectar fresh and

help the birds find your feeders, place them near nectar-producing
flowers or other colorful accents in your yard, particularly red
decorations that will catch these birds' eyes.

Clean Feeders Regularly

is important to thoroughly clean hummingbird feeders at least two or
three times per week. Even more frequent cleanings may be necessary for
hot weather when the nectar can ferment quickly. Fermented nectar can
cause mold that is fatal to hummingbirds, and sour food will not attract
as many birds.

cleaning a hummingbird feeder, take great care to thoroughly sanitize
all nooks and crannies to get rid of all mold, fungus, old nectar, or
crystallized sugar. Soaking a disassembled feeder in very hot water can
be an easy way to remove sticky residue.

Provide Migration Meals

feed excessively just prior to migration in order to build up energy
reserves for their long flights. Keep hummingbird feeders clean and
filled throughout the late fall and early winter so all migrating birds
can be fed, and place feeders out the next year early in the spring to
attract the first returning hummingbirds.

opt for early and late-blooming nectar flowers for a long-lasting
hummingbird garden. You may be surprised at just how early and late these birds will visit, and how much they'll appreciate a nutritious meal to help them refuel!

About this item

  • 24 oz nectar capacity

  • 22 feeder ports

  • 2 ft long

  • Patented horizontal design

  • Feed more hummingbirds at once

  • Port spacing permits side-by-side feeding

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