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Mordew™ Wind Moving Flamingo

Your Garden Will No Longer Be The Same!

This Wind moving flamingo is definitely a good consideration to make your garden alive and lively with these colorful flamingoes which will move as the wind blows. The delightful and eye-catchingWind moving flamingo will enliven your garden, bobbing and swirling up and down when there is a slight garden breeze. Happy to bring a smile to the face of any visitor passing by.
The Wind moving flamingohas the feature of spinning with the wind and looks like a real thing from a distance! Plus, you and your kids can get involved and use your imagination to turn your garden or patio into a unique yard!

  • Innovative Flamingo Spinner: Wind moving flamingo! Pretty pink! When they float up and down and turn into breeze rotation, they will definitely attract people's attention with pleasant movements.
  • Bring You A Good Mood: They usually rotate in a synchronized motion when rotating, which is a complex supplement to any garden decoration. It is a pleasure to bring a smile to any visitors passing by.
  • Sculpture Art and Fine Tuner: The pleasant and eye-catching white rotating Wind moving flamingo can make your garden full of vitality. When it swings up and down and rotates (usually in a synchronized movement), there will be a slight garden breeze.
  • Handmade Unique Crafts: Our original dynamic Wind moving flamingo is handmade, similar to an egret, it will add entertainment to the outdoor space. The courtyard yard outdoor pond pool fountain decorated with wind sculpture art and spinner.
  • Indoor Courtyard Furnishings: Absolutely gorgeous and unique. Cyclone bird-a whimsical dynamic bird that rotates with the breeze, wind spinner, terrace garden decoration, garden decoration, wind sculpture and spinner, outdoor rotating art.
  • Material: Aluminum plate
  • Product unfolded size: 11.5*23cm/4.5*9.1in
  • Product folded size: 37.5*8cm/14.8*3.1in
  • Installed size: 68cm/26.8in
  • Packing size: 50*25*1.5cm/19.6*9.8*0.6in