Restius™ High-Power Music Barrel Bluetooth Speaker


Restius™ High-Power Music Barrel Bluetooth Speaker is a trendy and convenient wireless Bluetooth speaker for you to play your music in premium quality everywhere.  Either going out for parties or meditating at home, it is a must-have companion due to its premium sound quality compared to the other speakers with poor sound quality. 


  • Premium high-power Bluetooth speaker- built with a ridiculously powerful 15W subwoofer to literally turn heads and get everyone's attention wherever you go, wherever you playing music or enjoying karaoke with your families and friends.

  • Compact- It’s massive in power and compact in size, suitable for those who love music and loves having a great time. It support treble/bass controls, professional turning at 192 kHz at 24 bits, and a distortion rate of negative 120 decibels, meaning crisp, clear HD audio whenever and wherever you want.

  • Portable- There’s a built-in ergonomic handle and soft feet on the bottom so you can literally take this speaker wherever you want, with absolute ease.

  • Convenient with long battery life- It uses the latest wireless Bluetooth 4.2 technology so you don’t have to babysit your device, and takes seconds to set up and is extremely easy to operate. It can last up to 8 hours upon full charging. 

  • Dual microphone support- so that you can use it with any 2 microphones, making this speaker perfect for karaoke and parties with your families and friends.

  • Built-in FM radio- Switch on the radio when you get bored of your own music.


  • USB charging- It absolutely uses a rechargeable battery and even has extra USB ports so that you can charge your other devices if you need to.

Bluetooth: 4.2
Bluetooth max transmission: 10m
Size:As the picture shows
Output power: 15W
360 degree high definition surround sound
Built-in FM radio, easy operation, and additional USB charging ports.
Audio input: AUX, USB, TF card, Bluetooth
Power: USB charge
Can connect to microphones
Battery capacity: 1500MAH
Input voltage: 110V/220V/50Hz