Sensius™ Raindrop Solar String Light


Sensius™ Raindrop Solar String Light is a decorative light composed of several LED lights using solar power.


  • Intelligent charging using solar energy to save energy- The lamps use high-efficiency solar panels, which can convert solar energy into electricity and store it in a built-in battery for the LED lights to emit light.

  • Flexible- the solar panel can be adjusted 270°, suitable for various outdoor environments, charging faster and more fully. The unique light control technology can ensure that the lamps are automatically charged during the day (when the light is sufficient), and automatically lighted at night (when the light is insufficient).
  • Long-lasting battery- Charging for 8 hours on sunny days and lighting for more than 10 hours at night


  • Outdoor waterproof- IP55 waterproof rating, to prevent water from all directions from entering the appliance and causing damage. 

  • Multiple modes- It has different lighting modes to create different atmospheres with its bright and striking light colors. The products are widely used in places such as gardens, roads, courtyards, showcases, shops, conference venues, stages, etc., especially as decorative lights for Christmas trees that can create a warm and romantic holiday atmosphere.


  • Easy to install-  


Shape: Water Drop

Power Source: Solar

Waterproof: waterproof

Length: 5 meters, 10 meters

Luminous flux: 5 (lm)

Control method: solar

Color temperature: 3000 (K)

Input voltage: 3 (V)

Solar panel: 2V 100mA

Rechargeable battery: 1 1.2V 600mAh AA Ni-MH battery

Package Included:

1*light string

1*solar panel