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Showix™ LED Shower Head

Showering Can Be So Fun And Relaxing!


  • Temperature indication- The 3 colors LED shower heads can control the temperature. It will change colors according to the water temperature. When the water reaches a certain temperature range, only one color led light will show.

  • Water-saving- High Pressure and 30% Water Saving.

  • No battery required- The electricity is generated from the water flow, hence it is very safe. 

  • Water purification- The negative ionic stones make up a filter system to purify the shower water to effectively eliminate the harmful chlorine with its vapors and reduce residual impurities in the water. This will improve your dry hair and skin, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability, make your skin more smooth and reduces hair loss.

  • Easy to Install- it is general in size which can fit any standard size hose.

  • Smart design- It is built in a solid structure, no leaking will happen.

  • Easy cleaning- You can also easily disassemble and clean it.



"Love to see the color changes according to different temperatures"- Melissa K.

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