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Windius™ Japanese Style Wind Chime

Listening to the Wind with Tranquility

This lovely handmade wind chime is made up of a glass bell, card and nylon string. When the breeze blows, the bell will dance with it and sounds sweet, charming, and reminds you of the old days. The brightly colored label goes well with the glass bell and is in line with the countrysides spring.

- The sound it makes is clear and melodious.
- Simple and lovely prints suits young girls very much.
- It will be a special landscape in your home or office.
- A good gift full of good wishes.

- Material: Glass and Paper。
- Size: Approx.7x8x8cm.

" Nice color rendering on the bell. The sound is soft and pretty."- Candy H. 

Start getting one to relax while listening to the wind now.